Welcome to diniview

DINIVIEW VILLA RESORT is serenely perched on the hillside between Diniwid Beach and White Beach, with a perfect view of the spectacular Boracay sunset.

If you’re looking for your own private paradise away from the crowds, this location is perfect for you.

Each of the private villas is situated in splendid isolation surrounded by foliage, all with beautiful ocean views. At the center of the resort one can lounge at the garden-side swimming pool and sundeck overlooking picturesque Boracay Island.

The resort is a hidden treasure secluded amidst the island jungle, with a private footpath to Diniwid Beach, less than five minutes away. A scenic and leisurely walk to the next cove takes you to world-famous White Beach, with all it has to offer, including, water sports, shops, spas, restaurants and a thriving nightlife.

But don’t underestimate the very quaint Diniwid Beach as it has its own charms including locally run restaurants and spots to relax and spend the day. Diniwid Beach has become the unofficial second living room of DINIVIEW VILLA RESORT.


More about the villas. Each Villa is unique, masterfully designed to offer the best sweeping views and ultimate comfort. All our private villas have spacious living rooms and are surrounded by a lush tropical garden. You will definitely know you are in the tropics while still enjoying all the mod cons!



An extension of the owner’s own home since 2004, DINIVIEW VILLA RESORT was lovingly created by Julia Lervik coming from a family of artists in Sweden and a Boracay resident since 1990. Back in 2004, Julia and her father discovered an untouched hillside of Diniwid Beach and there, she built her home. Through the years, the landscape was conscientiously developed and contoured without disturbing its natural grandeur.

By 2007, the groundwork began for a haven of private villas designed as the ultimate tropical escape amidst the lush jungle terrain. Built for a group of friends looking to own an idyllic escape in Boracay during the coldest months in Europe, the villas can accommodate families and small groups of friends traveling to Boracay, all-year-round.

Word soon got out about the family-friendly “home away from home” sanctuary now known as Diniview Villa Resort.


Inspired by the glory of nature that one bestows each and every minute on this hilltop utopia, the wraparound lush verdant setting overlooks an endless turquoise panorama. Diniview Villa Resort was designed and built with well-appointed and fully-furnished beach homes or private villas called Sea, Sand, Salt, Sun, Moon, Boat, Shell and the Tree House, including a private garden-side pool overlooking the seaside horizon.

Each villa is an Asian tropical home with ingenious Scandinavian design touches. Exclusivity is ensured with nothing less than towering trees that separate each unit within the compound.

All villas have the modern comforts and amenities such as air-conditioning, hot and cold showers, cable TV and Wi-Fi.



Built with sustainable architecture, natural materials and local touches such as the grass roofs and bamboo embellishments add a touch of eco-chic elegance, while the tropical breeze flows throughout the space and across the rooms to provide a seamless and uninterrupted island feel.

Diniview Villa Resort prides itself in being a green sanctuary. The structures have been designed to preserve the trees, blending with the natural terrain and surroundings. Each corner allows you to be nestled in nature’s embrace offering profoundly relaxing moments for oneself or to share with family and friends. Solar panels serve to provide backup power, and guests are encouraged to respect nature by observing simple eco-friendly practices.

Diniview Villa Resort is also a proud supporter of the Friends of the Flying Foxes (FFF), a non-stock, non-profit organization comprised of Boracay resident and returning guest volunteers, as well as wildlife specialists and enthusiasts interested in the preservation of one of the many treasures of Boracay – the endemic and endangered Golden Crown Flying Fox fruit bats.

Julia Lervik who founded and serves as the FFF’s president shares their mission of conserving and protecting the bats and other wildlife of Boracay, to help protect the environment of Boracay and its neighboring areas. 90% of reforestation on cleared land is attributed to the fruit bats that preserve the island’s main source of fresh water, as well as its green landscape, including the jungles of Diniwid


When staying at Diniview Villa Resort, one enjoys unobtrusive personalized Filipino hospitality from a team that goes the extra mile to make you feel right at home in “YOUR house in Boracay.”

So, if you’re looking for a perfectly homey and wholesome “home away from home,” BOOK A VILLA NOW at this tropical hideaway, nestled immaculately on a private hillside offering breathtaking views of the ocean.

“We hope we can provide you with an authentic Boracay holiday with the comforts of home, where you feel cared for in a soulful place that cares for its environment and neighborhood. We wish you lasting memories, and that you go home with a fresh perspective on life.”

~ Julia Lervik