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The island offers a wide range of activities, and our personal favourites besides walking the beaches and eating great food, are paraw sailing, spa treatments, yoga, golf, diving and kite boarding.


Sailing: As you’re on an island, take the chance and rent one of the local paraw sail boats and do a tour around the island. You will discover small cute coves, snorkelling areas and different beaches riding with the wind and the waves. We believe it’s one of the better ways to see the island.


Spa and massages: For a great holiday, unwind with a good massage or a spa treatment. Boracay is home to Mandala spa, one of the best in the country and warmly recommended by us. We also have different types of massage at a cheaper rate offered at your sun benches on the beach. Diniwid has its own team of massage ladies coming by daily on the beach, just ask.


Yoga: You can find a wide range of very good Yoga classes, from True Yoga, daily classes at 9 am, to Mandalas yoga retreats, to private sessions with a wide range of international Yogis.


Golf: Boracay has a fantastic 18-hole golf Corse that holds world class standards. One of its first tournaments, was the famous Johanny walker cup. To play, you just need to sign up and pay for the different fees, and you’re on the green!


Diving. Diving is an old island activity, and where better to do than in the tropics with crystal clear waters and coral reefs. Boracay island has a few dive sites of different variety’s, from deep sea with bigger fish to shallow coral gardens. If you have the time, we warmly recommend you to do day trips to nearby islands for better dives. Our favourites are Maningning Island that’s home to Hammerhead sharks, or Apo Reef, a marine sanctuary that’s home to a wide range of sea life, from turtles to fish and sharks. Apo is more than a day trip but well worth it. Fisheye Divers are our preffered dive school, and they have great big boats that can do day trips or stay overnight and they serve great food as well on their boats.


Kite Surfing and wind surfing. Boracay is one of the top destinations in Asia for kite surfing and windsurfing. Go out get wild, bring it on! The best winds are from November to February, but offseason June to September also does well.


Restaurants and dining. Boracay has a wide selection of cafes and restaurants, and we often get the question where to go. We have created a little restaurant list in all our villas with our personal recommendations. Lemon café, Balinghai, Spiderhouse, Kasbah, Cyma, Aria, Manana, Wahine and Jammers are restaurants created here on this island with a special character, just to mention a few.


This was just a little taste of all the things you could do while on the island, but off course there  are many more island activities that you just have to check out once here.